Hello Robert & Shirley,

Our duo was in competition at the Grand Finals of Blainville on Sept.6, 2009. Karine won first place in the Colt division - 4 years and older, and 3rd position in the group of the horses with much more experience. The judges said he was a "Horse of great value" and a "Horse of high level".

The duo are being talked about at this moment and it is thanks to you Robert, and to you also Shirley, to have accepted this horse last November, to have given it confidence, and especially of having made him your friend - all that you showed him, he will not forget, and he continues his development in all what he learns. Your work methods are more than perfect, you achieve your goals calmly and patiently. You are really fantastic and I recommend you both to all those who are interested to contact you. A very big thanks to you, Robert and Shirley and we will give you more news very soon.


Karine Micheline & Pierre

A "syrup" against diabetes and obesity !

The findings of a new study presented in Quebec under a scientific congress have established a positive relationship between maple syrup and metabolic health.

October 2, 2013

by Martin Ménard - Food

Specifically, this could limit the development of type 2 diabetes , a disease that will affect nearly 3.7 million Canadians by 2020.

The idea is not to drink a litre a day, but rather to replace a portion of refined sugars, high fructose syrup or corn syrup with maple syrup.

"We compared the glycemic index of maple syrup with other sweeteners used in the industry and we found a low glycemic response of maple syrup in rodents" says team leader research Dr. André Marette of Laval University.

The latter is concerned about the effects of over-consumption of sugar in society and says we must take 'the bull by the horns'.

"The number of people with type 2 diabetes is increasing alarmingly . Children are now suffering. Same for another chronic disease : Obesity. And the consumption of added sugars is an important factor. We believe with prevention, and with good, rigorous research, we may be able to convince the people and the government of all the virtues of maple syrup to replace a portion of sweeteners, " he says.

Thank you Shirley and Robert!

You have opened your barn and your hearts to us and I will forever be thankful!

Shirley, you have given me an opportunity that I might never have gotten. Not only did you encourage me to step out of my boundaries, but you have taught me so much about being a true horseman. You see and approach problems with a patience I truly admire. Your openness to learning has encouraged me to do the same.

You have been a great friend and mentor!

Thank you,

Terri Braithwaite


You asked for some type of write up for your website, but how do you articulate all that you have done? Everything you do is always for the better of the horse, whether you are giving a clinic, judging, training or breeding. You are a mentor and a guide and have a true love for horses, and Robert is the perfect partner for this business!"